Exploring Northbrook Mountain | D’Aguilar National Park

Last weekend I spent the day exploring Northbrook Mountain in D’Aguilar NP and ended up hiking 28km over ten hours. Leaving from Miala car park at Mount Glorious, I reached the peak of Northbrook Mountain (Northbrook Mountain remote bushcamp) after 5km at an elevation of approx. 720m. The next half of the hike was downhill to England Creek remote bushcamp where I cooked lunch beside the creek and filmed my first cooking segment to be included in the video for this hike.

The last half of the hike was basically all uphill in the middle of the day which wasn’t too enjoyable, but luckily it rained for most of the hike. There was plenty of birdlife to be seen along the way including King Parrots, Crimson Rosellas, Eagles and Red-Browed Finches.

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Steven Joel

I enjoy making silent/cinematic hiking Films. Based in Australia.